Sep 6

Now that is just sad…

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Microsoft, what were you thinking? I know you desperately need to counter the “Get a Mac” ads, but this? It’s not even funny, you know? In fact, it’s the quantum opposite of funny… See for yourself…

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Apple 1 Microsoft 0

May the Code be with you,


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Sep 6

Persona of The Month: “The Kost”

Well lets just say this man is the king of Mac Vs. PC debates. He started of making videos on (still does) and now he has his own online talk show about anything computer related. A very, very wise man that will defend Macs, OS X and Apple until his last breath.
The Kost Live

The Kost’s YouTube Channel

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Sep 5

Featured Video: Shareware, Restore DVDs and Bloatware

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Sep 5

Top 20 Ways To Speed Up Your Freaking Mac: Part II

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Hey folks, how is your Mac feeling after that last tutorial? Better, no? Yeah, thought so.

Well, let’s make him feel a whole lot better, shall we?

10 - Use an app such as Speed Downloader from yazsoft to accelerate your downloads;

9 - Keep open applications to a minimum in order to eke out every last megahertz out of your Mac;

But, unfortunately software mods can only take so far, so to really get the most out of your Mac you need to mingle around with hardware (which sometimes definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted). Again it is never too late to remind you all that we cannot be held be responsible for any damage done to your Mac.


Note: good places to look for hardware for your Mac would be iFixit and MacUpgrade;

8 - Overclock your graphics card by using Graphiccelerator or ATIccelerator, but be careful and verify that you have a compatible graphics card and a compatible ROM.

Note: If you are more technically minded you can dump your graphics card ROM, change it and then re-flash it (you have got to be seriously nuts to do something like that, because it’s simply easier to send the ROM to the developer of the utilities above and await or simply replace the card; besides it is ridiculously easy to damage your system).

7 - Overclock your Intel Mac Pro using ZDnet’s Clock Tool 1.0, but do be careful, this is very risky as it can quite easily render your Mac useless (to be more specific the memory correction will not be able to cope up with the new processor speeds and cause Mac OS X’s kernel to panic every time you boot)!;

6 - If you are not a big fan of fiddling around with your hardware you can always buy an Elgato Turbo.264. It is a simple device which, if plugged to a USB port, will automatically accelerate your hardware encoding demands (so long for the “spinning pizza of death” in iMovie or iDVD);

5 - Adding an external hard-drive: while this might not seem uterly important it can help you in numerous ways, for example if you move your “ginormous” iPhoto/iTunes library to an external hard-drive, you free up space in your internal hard-drive which leads to better performance (a good place to buy an external hard-drive is lacie);

4 - Replacing the internal hard-drive: More space and more speed. What Else? Remember that sometimes disk replacement isn’t supported by Apple (iBooks for instance), so it can be quite difficult to choose the right kind of drive for your computer (especially due to size constraints). You must also remember to choose a disk that matches your motherboard’s interface (SATA, EIDE, etc.);

3 - Replace your graphics card : Although not every Mac (Mac Books and iMacs won’t) will allow to do this you can still replace the graphics card in a Mac Pro or Power Mac can significantly boost performance (Maya will benefit like hell from it). There are however, some things to consider, such as the interface used to connect your Mac’s motherboard to your graphics card (AGP or PCI or even PCI-express);

2 - Add more RAM (Ramdom Access Memory) : this can speed up your Mac like hell, but obviously there are a few things you need to have in mind, such as, “Do I really need this more RAM?” (open Activity Monitor and if a lot of that little pie chart is coloured red, you do), or even the speed of the new RAM sticks (which should match your current ones, that is if your keeping the old ones; by the way, to check the speed of your RAM and the memory banks available you can always select “About This Mac” from the Apple Menu and click the “More Info” button and select “Memory” under “Hardware”), or for example if you need to pair them in order to get better performance. A few good places to buy RAM sticks are Apple itself and Crucial;

1 - Replace the processor: Not every Mac will do, may I warn you (MacBook’s won’t obviously, since the processor is soldered to the motherboard), but if you have a Mac Pro or a Mac Mini, there is no reason not do so (still, you need balance out the price of a new processor with the price of a new Mac);

May the code be with you,


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Sep 4

Joke: Gates vs. Jobs

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Ahhh a classic….

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Ow yeah, it also comes in the form of a flash game!


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Sep 4

Top 20 Ways To Speed Up Your Freaking Mac: Part I

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Is your Mac getting slow?? Are you feeling tired of the “spinning pizza of death” ??? But you don’t want buy a new one????

Then fear not, dear reader, after our short list, your mac will be faster than ever.

WARNING: We cannot be held responsible if you invalidate your system in any way, allright?

Note: you should measure the performance increases using an Application such as Activity Monitor (located in Applications->Utilities) when applying software tweaks, and Xbench or Geekbench or even 3D games for Hardware.

Yet Another Note: No animals have been used in the making of this list (LOL).

Software Tweaks:

20 - Start uninstalling unnecessary apps using AppTrap (it’s quite simple just drag unto the Trash and wait for the confirmation pop-up). This much better than the conventional method of unninstalling applications because it also deletes any files left behind by the app itself (meaning you free more disk space which is obviously good);

19 - Install Monolingual: what it does is to remove unnecessary language files and binaries (the main disadvantage of universal binaries is that they contain both Intel and PPC binaries, which may not be needed);

18 - Install Onyx: believe me when I say that no Mac user should even use Mac OS X without it! Onyx simply deletes and cleans the crap out of your system, so that it can stay holy freakin’ fast;

17 - Switch to a 2D dock by typing the following command on Terminal:

      defaults write no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock

16 - Kill Dashboard once and for all!! Use a nice little widget called Dashquit to do the job;

15 - If you are running Tiger you can always use Unsanity’s ShadowKiller to remove menu and window shadows. this considerably speeds up the OS in slower Mac’s;

14 - If you are using an older Mac you can download Process Wizard and choose to allocate given resources to an application that is running slow;

13 - Speed up iPhoto by keeping your photo libraries small, turning off Outline and Drop Shadow (in the Apperance Tab in iPhoto->Preferences), and by forcing iPhoto not to resize thumbnails as you browse through your library by pressing 0, 1, 2 to choose a standard size in Browse Mode;

12 - In the Energy Saver settings (System Preferences) deselect the check box to have your hard disk to sleep whenever possible;

11 - Go to the System Preferences Accounts Pane and deselect applications that you do not want to start running whenever you login (Skype and Twitterefic are merely nuissances…). To temporarily disable everuthing hold the Shift button on startup.

To be Continued…

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